In recent years, the number of criminal defense lawyers in Singapore has dwindled. It is now a niche area of law, with most lawyers gravitating towards the more lucrative civil law area.

The good news is that many of the criminal law experts that remain are very good at their job. The bad news is that they will often come at a premium.

This can put many people off of hiring one and instead opting to represent themselves. However, in many cases, it is better to put up the cash and obtain a lawyer. It could be the difference between landing in jail and being free.

However, in many cases, it is better to put up the cash and obtain a lawyer. It could be the difference between landing in jail and being free.

Should I Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer or Represent Myself?

Consider the Type of Case

There are some criminal cases which will not require a lawyer. If a case involves nothing more than a fine, with no possibility of jail time, then a person should be fine representing themselves.

In many cases, the fine they will receive will be lower than what they will be paying for criminal defense lawyers in Singapore.

If there is the slightest indication that jail time is a possible sentence, then it should be a priority to contact a lawyer, if only to discuss the case and discover whether they are needed.

Criminal Defense Lawyers Know the Process

Law in Singapore can be quite convoluted. While great strides have been made over the years to try and simplify the process for the ordinary person, a lot of work still needs to be carried out. Applications need to be filed. Forms need to be filed.

Appeals may need to be filed. Deadlines need to be met. For somebody not well-versed in the legal system, there is a lot to know and missing certain steps may work against them.

Criminal defense lawyers know exactly what needs to be done to ensure that the case runs as smoothly as possible. Everything will be filed on time and, more importantly, it will be filed correctly. Retaining a lawyer will ensure that your case is over a soon as possible.

Criminal Defense Lawyers Know How to Defend Cases

Many people hold the illusion that defending a case is as simple as standard up in court and hoping the words resonate with the rest of the courtroom. It is so much more than that. People do not give any thought to what happens behind the scenes.

Even on the simplest of cases, it can take many, many hours of research for somebody well-versed in the law to put together a case. This not only means ensuring that witnesses and evidence are in place, but also researching the laws and possible outcomes related to the case.

If you represent yourself, then you won’t know where to start. There is a chance that you may overlook something that could change the outcome of your case drastically e.g. a small piece of evidence.

This is where lawyers are worth their weight in gold. They know how to mount a good defense for a case. It is their job. They know all of the smaller aspects that combine in order to construct a solid case, and they will do all of the hard work for you.

This means that you can focus on ‘enjoying’ your life, rather than spending weeks researching something which may not even be relevant to your case.

Criminal Defense Lawyers Can Minimize Punishment

Not all criminal cases are about determining who is or who is not guilty. Many times, when the case starts, it is readily apparent that somebody is guilty of what they have been accused of. They may even plead guilty in order to save the need for a trial.

Just because somebody is clearly guilty does not mean they do not need a lawyer. One of the lawyer’s jobs will be to look for extenuating circumstances in the case. These are circumstances which may help to reduce the punishment a person is set to receive.

It may not be a complete elimination of jail time, for instance, but good criminal lawyers have been known to negotiate many years off of the punishment. It is worth paying for one based upon this alone.

Unless your case is simplistic and involves nothing more than a fine, opting to hire a criminal defense lawyer is always the best route to take. They can help plan the case.

They can assist with filing paperwork, and they can help with sentence reduction. They are there to assist you and to make your life as easy as possible.


Remember; if you can’t afford to hire a criminal defense lawyer in Singapore, you may be able to obtain financial help. Everybody has the right to a proper defense.

Now you know that you should hire a lawyer, but how much does a criminal lawyer in Singapore cost? Would it be so expensive?