Whether somebody pressed charges against you or you want to press charges against a person/organization/institution, the first you should do is finding a lawyer that will defend you in a court.

Finding the right one is a hard task that should be taken seriously. That is why we prepared some pieces of advice on how to find a good criminal lawyer.

How to Find a Good Criminal Lawyer?

State Your Legal Needs

Before hiring a lawyer you need to be aware what your legal needs actually are. To do that, you will have to consult with an attorney. He/she should explain to your how serious your case is, whether you really need their help or not, what legal options are available to you, and what are the next legal steps.

Now that you know whether your charge is considered a felony (the most serious type of crime, like murder) or misdemeanor (not so serious charge, like shoplifting), you know whether you hire a lawyer or whether legal consultation is enough.

Check Their Track Records

If you have a hard case in front of you, you will need a lawyer with a successful career behind him/her. The more professional cases he/she won, the better.

Feel free to ask him/her questions about his achievements and search their name on Legal Services Regulatory Authority e-Services from Ministry of Law Singapore’s website.

See If Your Lawyer Can Take Your Matter Seriously

Criminal cases demands not only a great amount of money, but also a great amount of time. The more serious the case, the more time from your lawyer it will demand.

Before deciding which lawyer you are going to hire, check whether he/she is going to be able to take your case seriously enough. Ask them how many cases they already have, check if they have enough resources for that.

Resources primarily refer to the number of employees in their company.

Decide How Much Money You are Ready to Spend

Different lawyers charge different fees. Some of them charge hourly and some fixed fees. The more experience and more successful the lawyer is, the more expensive his/her services is going to cost you.

That is why is it mandatory to check how much money they will charge you before deciding which one you are going to hire. You need to be aware of your budget, but also don’t hesitate to spend more money if it means better services.

Check His Knowledge in the Field

Experts are people with vast, in-depth knowledge. You cannot examine them, because you are not a legal expert, but they are signs that show that a person is passionate about his/her jobs.

There people usually give lectures or publish various articles and books in their field of expertise.

Discuss the Details of Your Case Openly

The good relationship between a lawyer and a client is based on trust. Remember that lawyers’ job is to defend you no matter what you did, so communicate openly about all the details of your case.

You can’t expect from him/her to defend you in they are not fully aware of the crime you have/have not committed. Feel free to ask whether him/her have already had cases similar to yours and what legal actions they are going to take.

It will help you narrow down your list and determine who is the best criminal lawyer for you. But what if you cannot afford to hire a criminal lawyer? We will show you the ways.