What if somebody pressed charges against you but you cannot afford to pay for a criminal lawyer? Don’t worry because in Singapore there is a number of legal aids for people who have financial difficulties.

Legal aid services provide you with a lawyer that will help you in your legal matters either completely free of charge or at a reduced price. These legal services are provided to you by the government and they include legal advice regarding your case, court representation and legal documents drafting.

Legal clinics offer free of charge legal advice on your matter, i.e. what further legal steps you need to take. They are provided either from the government or non-governmental organizations.

What If You Cannot Afford to Hire a Criminal Lawyer?

Get Help From Legal Aid Bureau

In Singapore, there is a Legal Aid Bureau (LAB) that provide services for Singapore residents or for residents of states that signed the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction. LAD works under the Ministry of Law and provides its’ parties legal advice, legal help in drafting legal documents and legal aid in some matters like divorce or custody.

Parties under the age of 21 cannot apply on their own – that must be done by their parents or legal guardians. Also, parties need to pass two tests. One test determines whether you are allowed to take legal air services with regard to your financial situation. This test is called a “means test”.

Another test shows what chance your case stands of succeeding in court. This test is called a “merits test”. However, contrary to most applicants’ beliefs, legal aid services are not completely gratuitous. You still have to pay a certain amount of money. The amount of money is measured by several factors.

These factors include your financial situation, the difficulty of your case and the amount of money that have to be returned to you later on. This amount is usually around $1,500, and after you have fulfilled your obligations, your given lawyer can take your case. You can request legal aid either online or in person. Legal Aid Bureau (LAD) offices are opened from 8.30 am to 5 pm each weekday.

Legal Aid from Criminal Legal Aid Scheme

Another type of legal aid in Singapore is called Criminal Legal Aid Scheme (CLAS). This type of legal aid provides services exclusively for people who are facing criminal charges for less serious crimes. Less serious is this context means crimes for which committing there is no death penalty. Some of them include e.g. misuse of drugs, acts of vandalism, computer misuse act, films misuse acts, etc.

As with the LAB, for this type of legal aid services, you have to pass both merits and means tests. In this type of aid service, you also might be required to pay a certain amount of many measured by the results of the means test. You can apply either online, via e-mail or in person.

Legal Aid Scheme for Capital Offences (LASCO)

This type of aid is dedicated exclusively to people that are charged for serious offences – those that may be punished by the death penalty. This type of aid is completely gratis. Applicants are not given any tests, and they are immediately provided with two lawyers, get more information by visiting the official website.

Until now you should know how to hire a criminal lawyer in Singapore, how it works and how they can help you in your case. Contact us today, get help from our professional lawyer team.